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Fantastic Testimonial

The Studio clean up is well under way and we are looking forward to seeing a fresh bright studio very shortly. Its proving a long job and all this delay can get you down a bit. When this testimonial came it I can honestly say my mood was raised - Thanks Peta..

Hi guys, Need photography work but think some of our contacts are pants? I feel your pain. But don't worry I know a great photographer who is helpful, dedicated and willing to travel. For those who just want a name and phone number see below. If you want the whole story, then read on. The short of it: Paul Burrows 023 9200 5373 or 07552 163 856 Covering Hampshire and beyond by arrangement The long of it: Rob Paul took pictures for  Little Acorns Nursery* He took over 300 photos all of which were of superb quality and easily good enough to use on the site - the hardest part was really choosing between the images. He called me up today and told me that in early January there was a fire in his studio which significantly damaged, well… everything. He's now working hard to get everything back up and running and wanted all of the project managers at Yell to know that because of his current situation he's happy to travel much further than stated on our photographer database (Hampshire). He hasn't set a distance limit and is happy to discuss jobs as they come up. Great photographer and lovely guy - if you need a job in or around this area I would highly recommend him. Cheers, Peta Peta Kennett-Wilson Web Project Manager