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Rare Banksy found in Havant

This "rare" Banksy can only be described as inspirational.  it is in fact a picture taken in our Havant Studio during one of our Portrait Sessions. It Features 8 year old Gabby who was brought into the studio by her grandmother, Dawn Hobbs.  Gabby had been told she was going to the dentist and Gran was worried as Gabby  "can be a bit shy"  Gabby's Photographer was David Burrows and was assisted By Charles Burley.  David has been with the studio for three years whilst Charles has just joined the team.  David quickly found Gabby to ne a natural in front of the camera and proceeded to get some great shots. Dawn told David about her favorite Banksy shot, the girl with the red balloon.  David then set about posing Gabby for the shot,  the outcome after some finishing touches has to be seen.  it is now a feature in our studio window.  David said,  " i wanted the finished image to have the feeling that it is actually part of the wall, slightly faded in places with the texture of the wall coming through the picture."   Dawn said " it is absolutely AMAZING,  its everything i imagined the Banksy shot would look like.  David is an amazing photographer, Gabby loved him and said she wanted to come back next week!  I found the studio to be so warm and friendly, I cant sing their praises loud enough."  Visit the studio to see the shot in our window.  Call us today to arrange your own special photo session and get the pictures you want.  Banksy girl with red balloon