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Aimee's Photoshoot Experience


Amiee Howley

Aimee Howley

When Aimee first arranged her family photoshoot she admits she was somewhat nervous about the whole thing. She was totally uncertain about how the photos would turn out and how the whole photoshoot experience would go.


Well firstly Aimee said that Chris her partner did not like having his picture taken and whilst Coden was always happy, Ciara did not usually like strangers. Aimee spent lots of time prepping the family ready for the shoot and read all the details on our booking confirmation page.

On the day Paul did the shoot and very quickly started to get some great shot getting both Chris and Ciara involved.  It was not until the end that Paul discovered Aimee's concerns.  Ciara had a great time during the shoot and was soon posing like a model.  Seeing the children so relaxed and having fun had its effect on Chris who soon forgot about not liking his photo taken.  

This shot of the family focuses on the children with mum and dad proudly looking on in the background.

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