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Rob Paul Studios Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee Rob Paul Studios aim to provide you with an excellent customer service and the highest quality portraits.

Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee Rob Paul Studios aim to provide you with an excellent customer service and the highest quality portraits.  However, if you are not satisfied with our products or the service received, we will endeavor to correct the problem to your satisfaction.

Orders Due to the individual nature of your portraits, orders cannot be altered or canceled once placed. The full amount of the order must be paid in full. Rob Paul Studios do offer interest-free payment plans where goods can be paid for over a set period to suit your requirements.  However, a  minimum 30% payment must be made at the time of placing your order along with debit or credit card details for a card that is valid until the end of your payment plan so that we can automatically take payments on the date they are due.

All orders remain the property of Rob Paul Studios until payment in full is received.

  • Complimentary prints and products have No Value and can therefore not be transferred or substituted for any other goods or services.
  • Groupon prints are non-transferable except for an upgrade option to the next print size for a one-off fee.
  • All of our products are bespoke and hand finished.  This may result in a slight variation in actual sizes. 
  • Our order lead time is four to six weeks, we want to ensure your images meet our quality standards.  We Endeavour to produce our orders quicker when we are able.
  • Some cropping of images may occur especially with gift items such as keyrings and mugs.
  • All Images come with our Rob Paul Studios signature on them.
  • Payments via credit cards are subject to a £1.50 admin fee.
  • Payment plans are contractual and must be paid in full. RP Studios Ltd reserve the right to pursue outstanding payments.

Outstanding Orders Clients are expected to collect orders within three months of notification that they are ready to be collected.  RP Studios Ltd reserve the right to charge an admin fee of not more than £50 to recover orders after this period. Orders that remain uncollected after one year will be disposed of.

Sitting and Viewing Entitlement/Change to Appointments and Sittings. Rob Paul Studios do appreciate that people do get sick but as a business, it is difficult for us to replace shoots at short notice and we are not able to carry these losses. Appointments for both viewing and sittings can be changed or canceled with a minimum of 48 hours notice.  Failure to give adequate notice will result in loss of deposits and/or complimentary prints. Please note, 48 hour notice period is during office hours and includes Saturdays. but not Sundays or Mondays as the studio is closed. Email notifications are not acceptable. Please phone the studio on 02392455255, if your call is unanswered please leave a clear voice message.

Each booking entitles the client up to a single one-hour session in the studio and a single one hour in our viewing suite a few days later.  Studio time includes getting ready prior to your shoot and exiting the Studio. In some cases, shoots may finish earlier.  Any re-shoots or additional viewings WILL be subject to a £20 fee that will be refunded against any order placed from the booking in question.  If the sitting/viewing is canceled or you do not attend without prior notice Rob Paul Studios reserve the right to retain this fee.  In order to re-book either a shoot or a viewing will require a new deposit. Rob Paul Studios reserves the right to place a £100 minimum spend deposit on booking requests outside of normal opening hours. The named Client must attend the Viewing.  In the case of shoots and viewings involving more than one set of parents or guardians, both sets of parents must attend the viewing. Deal terms and conditions are strictly adhered to. 

With model makeovers, once your session is booked there will be a £15 Admin charge to move your appointment at any time.  If the postponement or cancellation occurs within the notice period the deposit will be lost and £15 admin fee will be levied, in addition, there will be a charge of £15 for our losses. A new refundable deposit will also be required.

Sittings Received Through a  Deal. All sitting purchased as a Deal or offer, including but not limited to Groupon and Wowcher, will Strictly follow the terms and conditions of the deal and that of Rob Paul Studios as specified herein. This includes sittings sold directly by Rob Paul Studios honoring advertised deals.

  • All deal Family sittings MUST include a minimum of two generations.
  • Complimentary images MUST be of a family group.
  • Deal sittings are for New Clients or NEW Participants only.
  • Rob Paul Studios will only honor the deal for existing clients and/or participants from a previous Rob Paul Studios Deal sitting where there is a minimum purchase after the return of any deposits due of £50.
  • Rob Paul Studios reserve the right to supplement deal offering with 6”x8” print and retain deposit when these terms and conditions have been breached.
  • If it is found that the terms and conditions have been breached NO complimentary Image will be provided.

Online Albums There is a £100 fee payable to view your images via our password protected online albums.  This fee is refunded against any subsequent order placed from the sitting in question.  This fee is non-transferable.

Deposits Where refundable deposits are applicable these will be refunded at the point of order collection. Refundable deposits expire three months AFTER viewing has taken place. Your deposit can be used against orders

Copyright Without exception, Rob Paul Studios own and retain the copyright of all images taken by the company’s photographers.  Any copying, scanning, electronic transfer (via websites) or duplication by clients, or any third party, is strictly prohibited and will contravene this copyright unless permission is given in writing.  Clients purchasing Digital Images a license to reproduce images for private use only.  Rob Paul Studios may release the copyright on images in certain special circumstances.  Should you need to discuss this option, please contact us at Rob Paul Studios, 14 East Street, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1AQ. Only Digital images allow copying, printing or uploading to Social media. 

Use of Images Images taken at Rob Paul Studios will not be shared with anyone not employed in any capacity by the company without the signed agreement on our model release form by the client. Only then will any images be used for any public purpose. 

Mobile Phones Due to the Sensitive nature of our work and copyright of our images, clients are NOT permitted to use Mobile Phones or Camera equipment in ANY part of the building, especially studio or viewing room areas.  Anyone found to be in breach of this will invalidate any complimentary prints, vouchers and special offers already purchased.  Where a refundable fee has been paid this will also become non-returnable.  Any use of mobile phones will result in a minimum charge of £150. Copying any images produced by Rob Paul Studios is theft, anyone found to be doing this MAY face prosecution and WILL be invoiced for All Images in Hi-Res at the current price list rate.  CCTV is in operation throughout the building. Please leave your mobile phones in your handbag or pockets to avoid any misunderstanding. Rob Paul Studios will assume that anyone with a mobile phone in their hands is in breach. If you need to take a call or answer a message we suggest you leave the building to do so. The best mobile signal is outside the building.

Health and Safety For Health and Safety reasons, clients are reminded that there is lighting equipment hanging from ceiling track that could be at head level, the painted studio floor can become slippery when wet, that all tea and coffee served in the studio could be hot and that there is no running allowed in the studio apart from where the photographer may ask.  Parents are reminded that they remain responsible for their children throughout the time in the studio.  Parents are encouraged to watch over their children during photo shoots and under the direction of the photographer be close by, especially with very young children.  At no point can a member of Rob Paul Studios staff be left alone with anyone under the age of 18. It remains the parent’s responsibility to be on hand should the child slip or fall.  Pet owners please note it is your responsibility to clean up after your pets.

Damage Whilst accidents do happen, the lead name on the booking is responsible for ALL breakages or damage caused. Please ensure you keep control of your party, both adults and children alike!

Keeping In Touch From time to time Rob Paul Studios would like to keep you informed about our products, as well as special promotions and offers.  We will not pass your details to any third party.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please inform a member of the team.